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  • OVER MIJ | Ton Döpp

    ABOUT ME ​AMSTERDAM, 2023 My name is Ton Döpp, a native of Amsterdam who has always remained attached to the city. Not only because of the fun there, but also because of the great diversity of birds in and around the city. Watching birds, that's what it started at a young age. Bird photography was added, I can completely sink my teeth into a subject to eventually shoot the perfect photo. For several years now I have been involved in taxidermy, setting up animals and in my case birds. I have completed a training for this and am registered with the RVO as a taxidermist. Through my experience in bird watching and photography, I know what the natural posture of a specific species is like. With taxidermy you would like to record this in order to make the perfect preparation. Through this website I show a selection of my most beautiful bird photos. Taxidermy is also discussed. Both the photos and the priced preparations are for sale. Enjoy watching!

  • Taxidermie | Ton Döpp

    Taxidermy Te koop preparaten Maatwerk/Commisie

  • CONTACT | Ton Döpp

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  • FOTOGRAFIE | Ton Döpp

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